En närmare titt på Mud racing – Del 2

Vi fortsätter resan inom denna unika motorsport, där man medvetet ger sig ut i lera och gropar I hopp om att inte köra fast, även om man I de flesta fallen gör det. Jag syftar så klart på ”Mudding” som sporten kallas för. I första delen skrev jag lite om fordon och historik, i denna del tänkte jag fortsätta att titta närmare på fordonen, banor samt uppläggen. I senare delar kommer jag skriva om populära evenemang som hålls runt om i USA.

Banor som man kör på kallas för mud bogs och finns i en mängd olika storlekar och typer, från en bana likt en pukelpist till en vanlig platt yta, till en progressiv bana eller en öppen grop. Dom finns i i mängd former och storlekar, från 46 meter i längd upp till strax under 100 meter. Puckelpist liknande banor är i regel 18 meter breda och 61 meter långa och är den mest påfrestande typen på alla fordon. Alla National Mud Racing Organization (NMRO) banor är antingen helt platta eller progressiva, mer likt en dragstripp.

Vanliga öppna gropar kommer från Florida och är i regel helt naturliga, skapade av naturen och som inte behöver någon större underhållning eller arbete inför evenemang.

Hill and Hole classes range from 4 and 6 Cylinder, Street Stock, Hot Street, Renegade, Super Street, Small Tire Modified 36″ and below, Big Tire Modified 37″ and bigger tire, Unlimited, X Class, and More. There are many class usually set but the tire size, and engine.

Most Unlimited and X classes are run with what you want in the safety rules. These trucks have big power engines, built just for that class and are not limited to what can be added to the truck. The truck must pass all safety rules and be safe to put in a show and not hurt the crowd.[3]

National Mud Racing Organization is currently one of the only major professional championship series left. Their rulebook is the general basis for most other mud racing competitions. The NMRO was founded by Gary Baker of Dayton, Ohio.

USA Motorsports and USHRA ran professional mud racing series, both referred to as the Indoor Series, for many years until it was phased out of events around 1995. They would occasionally have mud bogs as part of later events, but not on the same scale as before.

Years later around 2006 a new era of Mud Bogging started to evolve and has since grown into a worldwide internet sensation. In present day 2016 Mud Parks around the eastern half of the United States have events that draw in thousands of people who bring their Atvs, UTVs, buggies, lifted Jeeps, and Mega Trucks to participate in the act of Mud bogging. Most Mega Trucks are built with a custom chassis, have 5 ton axles, upwards of 700 horsepower and have tractor tires. Some drivers enter their Mega Truck in freestyle, Hill’n Hole, bounty hole and Tug of War competitions and compete with others for cash and or trophy’s. Some Mega Trucks have a blower motor or a Alcohol injected motor that will bring upwards of 1500 horsepower. In order to make competitions fair the trucks can be divided into different classes such as “Mega Truck Class”, “1 Ton class” and “Super Truck Class”.

Videos of Mud Bogging can be found all over YouTube. For example Mud Stamp Films is a Mud bogging channel that provides footage of Mud Bogging and Mega Trucks at different Mud Parks around the Eastern half of the united states.